The Silverroom Foundation is a (Dutch) non-profit organisation which first goal is to create the possibility for (young) starting entrepreneurs to rent low-budget, quality working space. It's second goal is to create an environment in which various independent small companies can profit a 'collective' knowledge, capabilities, experience and networks, generating more possibilities to acquire assignments and to participate in interesting projects. However the main target group is the new media sector, also different occupations are welcome to enforce this concept. Each Silverroom location should be a focussed centre of knowledge composed of various expertises creating a greater whole.


Arthur van 't Hoog  
Guido Jorg  
Jandaan Westhof  
Oni Studio  
Studio Eye Candy  
Thomas de Konink  
Wout Mager  

In March 2004 the first Silverroom-project was launched in the city of Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. Located in the new media centre "de Puddingfabriek", a 200 m2 of rough space has been turned into various private work spaces and a larger shared work space. At September the 24th of 2004 the first "Silverroom" was officially opened
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